Viral Twin Peaks Marketing?

Cooper and the gang use the

Cooper and the gang use the “Tibetan Method” to solve a mystery.

This afternoon a veteran editor at “The Twin Peaks Experience” posted a link to a site: which appears to be a restaurant site for the fictional “Double R Diner” from Twin Peaks.

The only link on the page “Menu,” actually goes to This site only contains a clock, which as of this writing is counting down from 7 days, 14 hours. Will the long-awaited Twin Peaks season three trailer appear in 7 days and 14 hours??

However, there is an interesting detail on the “Double R Diner” site. It notes the diner is famous for its “Huckleberry” pies. While I believe that kind of pie was served on Twin Peaks, even casual fans of the series know that cherry pies were the menu item in demand (that, and coffee of course). Is this detail significant? Maybe this site isn’t related to Twin Peaks officially and is merely a fan attempt for attention. Or, if real, could the change be deliberate to indicate some kind of change in the town over the past 25 years?

As a huge fan of Lost, the spiritual successor to Twin Peaks, I didn’t realize how much I missed trying to figure out TV mysteries. I’m excited to see where this return to Twin Peaks takes us.

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More Profundity From a Great Show

Parks and Recreation Cast

One Last Ride

Parks and Recreation just ended, so I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. But the reason I loved Lost was not because it was the greatest show ever made. That honor probably goes to Breaking Bad or maybe The Wire depending on my mood. No, I loved Lost because each of its characters was larger than life and the overarching theme of the show was about people wrestling with choice and destiny. It hit an emotional chord with me. I think about it everyday.

And a Teddy Roosevelt quote can’t be a spoiler, but it loomed large in the Parks and Recreation finale and it, too, resonated with me:

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Leslie modifies the quote, which only sweetens it, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself. If you were ever a fan of Parks and Recreation the finale was well-executed. Very good. See it.

Why, “Hello!” It’s been awhile…

If I haven’t noted it before, I try to write as much as possible, but it’s still not my primary focus despite wanting that.

Over the past few months, I’ve moved, adopted kittens (Darla and Drusilla – take a moment and enjoy those names), and changed jobs. I had already neglected the blog before that, so I won’t offer too many excuses. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

The good news is that I’m through the tumult of change and my employment change offers (I hope!) the opportunity for a better work/life balance than I had before. This means my excuses for not writing are diminished and you’ll be able to call out my bullshit more prominently if you so choose.

Grow Up

Growing Up

Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed about what you were going to be when you grew up? I think about that often. This isn’t what I dreamed about. But I don’t really remember what I thought would happen. The only clear memory I have is that I wanted to be an Oceanographer like Matt Hooper from Jaws.
It’s perfect. My dreams then were based entirely in fiction like they are now.

I never dreamed about writing as a little kid.

I used to write stories and read them to my parents. When I was in 6th grade, I wrote a story about my teacher being a serial killer. She liked it so much she read it to the class. It felt great hearing everyone respond to the story. I wrote more.

I’m still chasing that feeling. I’ll figure out what I’ll be when I grow up when I catch it.